Bar and Club Security

In recent years, we have observed to our dismay, a downwards march in the quality of Security Officers provided to Licensed Premises around the UK.  We use the term Security Officers very much deliberately as we take our service provision vastly beyond the traditional view of the “Doorman” to which many of our clients were accustomed.

Our provision starts with a Site Survey from your dedicated Service Manager who will assess the various factors in your venue and your customer base which will dictate the highly bespoke solution that we offer.  A meeting with yourself will then take place to ascertain the exact way in which a solution can be implemented that will ensure that your requirements are exceeded, without compromise.

Your Service Manager will then deliver a Proposal Pack to you, which will cover everything from the effective requirement, our recommended training package for Security Officers, any suggestions for procedural change in the venue to improve customer safety and our proposed resourcing (radios, body-worn video, uniforms; all included in the cost).

After discussion with yourself to finalise this package, a Venue Security Plan will be assembled which will form the initial training of every Security Officer deployed to your premises to ensure that every Officer operates to an identical high standard, with an identical understanding of your needs.

Once partnered with Complete Event Safety, at least two shifts per month, but often more, will be worked by your allocated Service Manager, to ensure they remain completely aware of your venue’s priorities, issues, concerns and risks.  This is also our opportunity to mentor and develop your Security Officers to ensure that our service quality only ever improves over time.

Visit our Contact page and let us know your needs and we’ll begin the process of welcoming you to the future of Venue Security.