Close Protection and Personal Security Services

Complete Event Safety have an extensive and highly regarded background in Close Protection, providing discreet and considered security solutions for a variety of high profile clients including musicians, artists, footballers, athletes and influencers.

Our Management Team and Personal Security Operators are well versed in the need for subtle, discreet services to persons in high levels of public scrutiny, while ensuring total protection at all times.

When partnered with our concierge and luxury transportation offerings, we can provide everything that you or your client need to keep your lifestyle moving on the road in the level of luxury you expect while ensuring complete safety and security at all times.

Our company’s day to day working knowledge of the music, sports and touring event industries allows us the ability to seamlessly integrate with your day to day working life, working around you and your clients in a way that very few Close Protection operators can match.  The peace of mind of knowing that your security and safety is being taken care of by our team without your regular activities being impeded is a demand of all of our clients and one that we are highly experienced in managing.

Of course modern personal security extends far beyond the simple risk of attack.  Our personnel are trained intensively by our management team to be fully aware of and able to manage reputational risk at all times.  In the modern day, image and public scrutiny is everything and our team will work relentlessly to ensure that your chosen image is maintained and portrayed at all times.

Whether you need temporary assistance while touring and need some help arranging a one off event or night out, or permanent round-the-clock security management, our management team can take this off your plate by delivering rapid, detailed assessment and implementation at short notice.

For all Personal Security Inquiries, please contact either: 

Harrison – 07376 954 922, or,

Alex – 07980 104 652,